Saturday, 28 May 2011

Twitter to reveal details of 65,000 British users/Creepy Archbishop likes superinjunctions

American social networking site Twitter has bowed to a court action brought by a British group complaining that they were libelled in messages. Twitter have revealed the personal data of hundreds of accounts which revealed South Tyneside's councils spending, and more than 65,000 people who have posted tweets about super-injunctions now face the same fate. The individuals who brought the legal action were councillors and officials at a local authority, South Tyneside - costing council tax payers hundreds of thousands of pounds in legal costs...

The council are undertaking a massive cover-up over how they spent, or rather wasted taxpayers money. This is a clear unprecedented ruling has prompted a row over freedom of speech, with experts warning that it may lead to a flood of actions by lawyers in other cases seeking to obtain personal information about people who breach super-injunctions or post libellous messages on Twitter. 

In other injunction news the creepy Archbishop of Canterbury defended super-injunctions claiming the super rich and famous deserved to be able to take out court orders which the majority of the population cannot afford. I wonder what secrets the creep has to hide who has previously defended paedophile priests..

David Cameron spends £700k of taxpayers money on refurb

Apparantly the money went on structural alterations, and painting and decorating, I thought we were meant to be cutting back...

Friday, 27 May 2011

Qatari 2022 world cup bid team bribed Sepp Blatter personally with gifts!

Leaked info from FIFA's own investigation into corruption says that an unnamed FIFA source alleges Sepp Blatter received numerous bribes from the head of Qatar’s bid team the son of Qatar’s Sheik. These include a private yacht, two villas worth over £3m, a Rolls Royce phantom, and 100,000 air miles. This won't come to a shock to many football fans however the explicitness of the bribery claims may shock even the biggest critic of FIFA.

Police in Barcelona attack peaceful protestors - live photos/video

 The Spanish police in Barcelona have attacked peaceful protestors firing rubber bullets and tear gas at crowds of people protesting over high unemployment and the economic situation...

More to come...

Mum who faked the kidnap of her own daughter granted super-injunction!

While I was trying to lay off the subject for a couple of days this has just infuriated and I am sure it will others so much that it needs to be reported. Karren Mathews the mother that faked the kidnapping of Shannon to secure a £50,000 reward (put up by a newspaper a few days after her daughter went ‘missing’) has been granted a super-injunction. Mathews was inspired by the Madeleine McCann disappearance where newspapers had offered a £1m reward for information leading to her recovery.

Shannon was nine at the time and went missing for 24 days. She found tied up under a bed at a house belonging to Michael Donovan, uncle of Matthews’ lover Craig Meehan. I a disgusting twist Craig Meehan who was later convicted of child porn offenses. Karen Mathews was also a known benefit cheat.
Super-injunctions cost upwards of £50,000 so who paid for this may I ask? Yep you guessed it, each and every one of us.

As for the storywe don't know yet but keep checking back because as soon as it is leaked I will be posting it for the world to see, because if there was ever anyone who needed to be humilated it is this leach on society.

If there was ever a case which proved how ridiculous super-injunctions are then this is it.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The REAL reason Cheryl Cole was booted off the X-factor

Co-incidence? as reported earlier this is one of the pop-stars at the centre of the super-injunction scandal, and the biggest name to date. The pop star at the centre of the claims took out a super injunction against her former partner to stop revealing photos been published into the public domain has tonight been sacked from the American version of the show. She was branded 'Chezza' by the American media and lambasted for her geordie accent and has now been axed from the show. Claims so far suggest that she was sacked because of her demeanour and the failure to get along with Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell has said he is disappointed... but is this all a cover up to protect that she took out a super-injunction against former hubby Ashley Cole and a major story is likely to break soon?

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Monday, 23 May 2011

Pop star/Judge took out a superinjunction!

The super injunction row looks to have taken a unexpected turn with sources now naming the above singer as the pop star who allegedly took out a super injunction after the break down of her marriage after her former partner threatened to reveal explicit photographs and detail the 'fetishes'  the singer apparently has in the bedroom to a national newspaper.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Superinjunction footballers revealed!

 7-month affair with Imogen Thomas

 Unspecified number of rendezvous with Warrington model Emily O'Hara

Affair with an unnamed married woman lasting a number of months

Injuction to stop photos of himself and an unnamed academy footballer photographed performing lewd acts on 2 girls in London's Funky Buddha nightclub after last summers world cup.

An injunction to stop photos of him apparantly kissing an unknown woman while away at a club training camp in Austria two years ago.

The beginning of the end for super injunctions?

On Sunday 25th May 2011 (the last day of the premier league football season) the Sunday Herald in Scotland finally published what the Internet had known for weeks that it was... RYAN GIGGS who had an affair smashing the granny out of Imogen Thomas for several months.

Today other UK publishers lambasted the star and the farcical law available only to the super rich and famous...

Finally we might be seeing the beginning of the end for super injunctions....