Friday, 27 May 2011

Mum who faked the kidnap of her own daughter granted super-injunction!

While I was trying to lay off the subject for a couple of days this has just infuriated and I am sure it will others so much that it needs to be reported. Karren Mathews the mother that faked the kidnapping of Shannon to secure a £50,000 reward (put up by a newspaper a few days after her daughter went ‘missing’) has been granted a super-injunction. Mathews was inspired by the Madeleine McCann disappearance where newspapers had offered a £1m reward for information leading to her recovery.

Shannon was nine at the time and went missing for 24 days. She found tied up under a bed at a house belonging to Michael Donovan, uncle of Matthews’ lover Craig Meehan. I a disgusting twist Craig Meehan who was later convicted of child porn offenses. Karen Mathews was also a known benefit cheat.
Super-injunctions cost upwards of £50,000 so who paid for this may I ask? Yep you guessed it, each and every one of us.

As for the storywe don't know yet but keep checking back because as soon as it is leaked I will be posting it for the world to see, because if there was ever anyone who needed to be humilated it is this leach on society.

If there was ever a case which proved how ridiculous super-injunctions are then this is it.


  1. I just feel sorry for the poor child after this incident!

  2. Jesus christ where do these people come from.

  3. Wow, that's so incredibly fucked up. Poor child.

  4. In this case, it's fucked up that they get an injunction. But in the recent cases concerning Giggs & other footballers, I'm well in favour of injunctions. Privacy should only be breached if it's in the public interest, and knowing who Giggs has been shagging isn't really important...

  5. Oh wow, I hadn't heard of this case here in the US. That is so awful, how could a mom do this to any child, especially her own?